Jerry Ford Sr. for Congress -  Texas 38th Congressional District


Jerry Ford Sr. Republican for U.S. Congress

Fire Chief. Business owner. Community Leader

Jerry Ford Sr. is a former Assistant Fire Chief with the Houston Fire Department and business owner.

  Jerry attended and graduated from Texas A&M University System. 

As a firefighter, Chief Fire Marshal, and Assistant Fire Chief for over 25 yrs, Jerry Ford has been there for Houston and surrounding cities, responding to the crisis, and volunteering in the communities as a Little League Baseball coach. Ford has served Houston by rescuing people from the house and building fires, car accidents, rescuing people from hurricanes, floods and delivering your beautiful babies.

As an owner of several businesses, Jerry has created companies and countless jobs for people in Houston and surrounding cities. Small business is our country's backbone, and Jerry knows what it takes for small businesses to be successful.

With your support, we can elect a Congressman
to make the 38th District, proud!


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“Washington isn’t broken; it’s the Politicians who represent special interest groups and political insiders and not the people in the district. My campaign is about serving everyone, especially the working class and middle-class people in the 38th Congressional District.”

- Jerry Ford Sr.